Rabu, 9 Januari 2013

RUNNING MAN 126 : Welcome back Nadey

It's been a while after my blog got virus and almost my post with running man tumblr were gone silently......then i did change my email and the thing getting worse...nevermind lets start new one.

Today is 10 of January 2013 and still early to say Happy New Year. 

Although our Big Nose Hyung always got teased by his dongseng but this is shown that all dongseng still respect the older. This is the precious scene in RM.

The PD's said: What's wrong with him? Is he ate wrong food yesterday.
LOL.........people who are unmarried in this aged will probably need more attention...this is what our commander did. 

I loved Gwang soo but this is not the right things. 


ok thats all for today.

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