Ahad, 7 April 2013

G-DRAGON Finally set the date come to Malaysia on 22 June 2013 for his world tour concert!!!!

For all members and readers who already read on my previous post, how depress, stress and truly frustrated for Jay Chou's concert will be held on our Fasting Month for Muslims!!!

I tried to get Singapore tickets already sold out. Crying again! 

So i decided myself, i will let go this time too....mayb next tyme my dear Jay Chou. Mayb i will go Taiwan to find u ...over gituw

But now, YG Family gave us the good news, G-Dragon will come to Malaysia for his World Tour 2013. 

He is so genius and grateful entertainer. Last i met him at Big Bang Final World Tour, Seoul January 2013, he's got a special THING addicted to mine. i can hear his songs all of my days until now. 

Who is this??? cute gilos... Ji young love....weeee

i hope this time i will make it!!!! 

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bspotgurl berkata...

Babe, u pi ke concert GD?

Siti Nadey berkata...

I want go, just waiting tiket bukak saja...drop ur contact or email....no hal kite boleh g sesame