Khamis, 31 Oktober 2013

WHEN..........PART 1

When i do practice YOGA
When i need a surprise 
When i wore a costume  
When i felt i'm busted
When my brother ask me for money...i will
When my parent said i've done nothing all the day...i was like
When the dentist ask me to show my teeth....
When i felt my fren  doesn't need me
When my father conquered remote TV and watch wrestling, i was like.... 
When i release some gases.....
When i watching running man....
When i saw bitches on the street...
when you say something bloody hilarious and someone replies to it with “that wasn’t funny”
when someone is wrong but they insist they’re right
When your sarcasm is so advanced that people actually think your’re stupid
When i'm laughing alone, my cat was like....
When i got message from my crush, i was like
when the bitch you hate speaks
When it's friday 
When i farted, i was like.........
 When someone teach me how to dance
When i see my ex boyfren with his new gf, i was like
When my crush didn't reply my text, 
When i see G Dragon
that awkward moment when you’ve been alone in your room for so long you forget how to behave in social situations.
What does the horse............
When i try to do selca on my face...

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