Selasa, 12 November 2013

WHEN.........PART 3

Everytime i tried to smile like my always became like this
When it's Sunday
When i immitate a gay and say " Enough babey"
When someone doesn't respond to me
When my family are not home
when im the only single one among my friends
Listening to music through new headphones after listening through old shitty ones
When i walk and met my crush.......
When i felt im an alien
When i met someone who hate the same person!
When i tried to save Kicap Kipas Merah
when you’re trying to enjoy a picnic and theres a bee flying around your head
When i got pizza for dinner
When i give a presentation in English
When i met ugly person who want to flirt with me
When Brody see me naked 
When my fren said " i treat u tutti fruti!!"
When im heard the person i hate got rejected to get the car loan.
this is how i imagine people with autoplays that dont let you pause
that moment when you’re nice to someone, and they act like a total douche…
when your homework isn’t on wikipedia or google
when people unfollow me:
When i cought brody is.......
that awkward moment when people act like they know your best friend better than you do.
when you hear a old song on the radio…
that moment when you get a high score in a test you didn’t study for.
when your name is in a math problem.
i hate it when i walk into class late and everyone’s like
when i hear someone next to me say “don’t tell anyone”
when you realize that your teacher is absent

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